A Message from our Founders

When we founded Galia Recovery Homes in 2018, we did so with the aim of supporting those suffering from the disease of addiction that causes homelessness and mental health issues by providing furnished housing for them and to be a resource by offering other supportive services to them as they recover.

As we ourselves are in Recovery from drugs and alcohol, incarceration, homelessness, and mental/emotional challenges due to trauma, we have been in the position to truly understand what is needed to ensure long term recovery. 

Together we, with our team of State-certified peer support recovery mentors, help those like us by providing housing, along with clothing, food, and other needed resources for members to get well and have a chance to live a life that’s meaningful for each person.

 Our supporters and allies in the Oregon and Washington communities have helped us continue to fulfill our core mission. 

Thank you for your commitment to Galia Recovery Homes and those we serve.